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Business Avenue

brand overview

Business Avenue's mission is to connect enterprises with green products that boost the sustainable economy and fulfill not only financial KPIs but also sustainable goals, fundamentally, so these partnerships become engines for innovation.
It offers two different services, each one with it's own business model: one for Startups and another one for Corporations.

"Excellence, quality, unparalleled professionalism, amazing technical skills, and an easy-going personality, Cláudia delivers all of that and so much more.
I had the pleasure of working with Cláudia on two separate occasions, and she always surprises me with her talent.
As an empathetic professional and a fast learner, she understands your brand personality and/or your ideas very quickly.
I am beyond happy with her work with Business Avenue and strongly recommend Cláudia if you need someone to deliver an EXTRAORDINARY web design."
Vera Costa Pereira,‍Founder and CEO of Business Avenue
Vera Costa Pereira,
Founder and CEO of Business Avenue

Vera, the founder & CEO, wanted a website with a corporate style, that could speak to BA's audience, with a fine vibe, that would reflect words like "impact", "sustainable", "startup", "corporate", "partnerships" and "disruptive".

The Business Avenue's website is made from the colours of their logo: black and orange (+ white + grey + blue shades on some imagery).

Amongst others, it has a Blog section with the latest news and a dynamic Events page with all the information from the workshops. The upcoming event/workshop appears fixed at the top of all the pages.

the web design process


Goal definition

What is the objective of this website? Who are the clients/personas that are the main audience? Which is the goal?


Pages definition

Me and the client have agreed on a sitemap of the website pages.



After agreeing on the pages and sitemap of the website, I have built a low fidelity mockup, so that we could visualize the structure.


Defining the visual style

Here I have made a MoodBoard with photos which I thought were a perfect match between the client's vision and the website style. I had hit the bullseye.


Building the website

I have built the Home page first. This page was going to setup the visual style for the others, so after it was built I had a meeting with the client for discussion and approval.



Testing the website to assure there were no errors like broken links, etc.



The website was migrated from the local server to the online server and final URL.

MoodBoard and Mockup

Business Avenue's website moodboard
Business Avenue's website wireframe
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