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"I have collaborated with Claudia on several different projects, her work involving everything from graphic design of sales material, proposals and reports to setting up entire websites with everything that entails - to very satisfactory outcomes! Claudia brings new ideas to the table and know how to execute them, additionally she is fun to work together with. I can warmly recommend her services."
Caroline Bjørn Larsen - Project Leader at Green Innovation Group A/S
Caroline Bjørn Larsen,
Project Leader at Green Innovation Group A/S
"Cláudia has showed to be a committed designer with a surprising "out of the box" sense of image who can translate graphically what is asked, even when only general directions are given. She puts her personal stamp into her works, meeting the client's expectations, arriving to the solutions that he initially was looking for."
Francisco Maia - Partner at Streamline
Francisco Maia,
Partner at Streamline

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I have a preference for working with businesses that aim at a circular economy, but I'm open to other projects.
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